Weep holes

After someone has explained to you what a cavity wall is, you might realize that this piece of architecture might be causing you problems you were never expecting. 


Green Waterproofing systems

One of the great advantages of our cement based waterproofing systems is that it is a Green waterproofing system.

Fish tanks and potable water storage tanks can be lined with our product with no adverse affects or contaminants entering the water or environment.

It is worth the pain

People shake in their proverbial boots when they come to the realization that it is now time to tackle that old damp wall or leaking balcony or leaking roof slab… and that means… a BIG mess.

Avoiding common building errors

With the aim of finishing the job sooner and thereby trying to save some money on the labour, quality can be pushed to the side.

Window and door frames

Windows and door reveals can be the cause of severe damp on the inside reveals in habitable rooms and in other areas of the house.

Home remedies for mould on ceilings and walls

Spores which cause the growth of mould need a moist surface on which to form. The most effective way to prevent formation of mould is to keep areas well ventilated. In some unusual cases condensation will form on relatively colder surfaces in internal rooms e.g. concrete ceiling which have partial exposure to the weather on…