What to look out for with winter approaching

There are two main things to look out for when looking for damp. Obviously leaks are a dead giveaway. Other than that, you will see paint degradation, showing bubbling and peeling in damp areas. This is usually accompanied by a damp and musty smell. After a short time, it’s also possible to see the formation of mould on curtains, walls and carpets. Efflorescence (a white, powder like deposit) may come out of the wall, floor or ceiling. This is also a very good indication that the substrate has been very wet in the past.
At JV Waterproofing we have methods for detecting damp in walls and floors. It can be done both visually and with the help of a damp meter, which gives a very good indication of where the moisture is coming from. In this wayUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_11fbc.jpg, the leak can be tracked to its source. Once we have established the source of the damp and leaks, a method of repair can be designed accordingly.
As winter approaches, it is a good time to investigate whether or not you have a damp or leaking problem on your hands, and stop it before it gets out of control.

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