Why use JV Waterproofing cement based systems over the traditional torched-on membranes?

The JV Waterproofing cement based system is a sandwich construction. That means we use a semi-flexible cement based slurry, followed by a waterproof screed which we then sandwich by using another layer of semi-flexible cement based slurry. Our system is based on hydration, and so like wine, it improves with age. No de-lamination or degradation takes place due to UV exposure, and since the product is applied in a semi-liquid form, with brushes and rollers, it has no problems tackling bends, corners and laps.

On the other side, 14 years of experience has showed us that torched-on membranes fail in many ways:

  • They delaminate with time.
  • They are easily punctured and can tear.
  • Since the product is oil based, it’s a bond breaker and will not adhere to its substrate in the long term. So, like cook and spray, it just wont stick!
  • Unlike our system, torched-on membranes have to be cut and folded to the corners, so it tends to overlap, creating several weak spots for water to get in.
  • Water that gets underneath the membrane, is stuck there and can’t get out again, so it goes into your walls. In the end, this waterproofing will do the exact opposite of what it’s intended to do.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, this will.

Our system is easy to tile on directly, where with the torched-on membranes, you have to cover it with screed anyway before you can tile.

With the cement based system, leaks are very easy to find, as they are always directly above the leaking area, and are easy to fix. On the other hand, leaks through slabs, roofs and balconies that have been waterproofed with torched-on membranes, are very hard to find; the water comes in from any point in the system, but is trapped and spreads to the entire surface area under the membrane, so you have no idea where to begin looking.

The fact is, after 14 years, every failed waterproofing system we have come across, has been a torched-on membrane. On the same note, we have yet to encounter a cement based waterproofing system failure.


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