Green Waterproofing systems

One of the great advantages of our cement based waterproofing systems is that it is a Green waterproofing system.

Fish tanks and potable water storage tanks can be lined with our product with no adverse affects or contaminants entering the water or environment.

The heavy metals and volatile solids in the Torched-on product can be eliminated form the equation where the Green J V Waterproofing systems are employed.

Apart from this obvious advantage, the cement based waterproofing system is much better that a bituminous (poisonous) oil based pollutant product in the built environment. It does not delaminate or fail over time as do the brittle oil based products over time.

If the system is damaged in any way the leak is easy to find and repair, it is directly opposite the damaged area. This is not the case with torched-on bitumen membrane  failures, where typically the puncture or seam that has come undone can be meters away from the leak.

The Green status and application of our cement based waterproofing system, has limitations in that movement joints must be anticipated and appropriate ‘Combilflex’ or similar waterproof movement joints employed and designed where required. This is where Bernard Berman BSc (Civ) Eng expertise comes to the fore. We are able to accurately determine either from a site inspection or from the engineering drawings the future position of the waterproof joints required for the particular structural element.

Khoi Fish Pond
The khoi fish were back in the pond three days after refurbishment
All the khoi fish survived

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