Damp and leak investigation

The identification of damp and leaks in buildings can be tricky.

Where this identification becomes difficult JV Waterproofing is usually called to site to solve the problem.

Bernard Berman(Civil Engineer) has vast experience in identification of the source of the possible causes of damp and leaks.

At JV Waterproofing we employ the philosophy “if it is not broken, do not fix it”. In this way we are able to save the client substantial costs. In the applicaion of our cement based tanking methodology, we are able to tank (hold the damp/water back) from the inside. This means that very expensive external excavations and installation of core drainage systems may not be necessary. Off course this depends on the circumstances, and this is where Bernard Berman’s expertise comes to the fore.

On completion of an in-depth inspection together with flood tests where required, problems with damp and leaks are identified and methods for repair designed.

The repair work as designed, based on the inspection and analysis of the problem presented can then be carried out by our trained and qualified teams. 

In effecting these repairs JV Waterproofing supplies a turnkey operation. In other words, we hand the property back to the owners in impeccable condition.

Before repair
During repair
After repair
After repair

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