Professional services for legal purposes relating to waterproofing and damp

When the experience and knowledge of an expert is required by our clients, Bernard Berman, a Civil Engineer and the CEO of JV Waterproofing offers diagnoses and investigative reporting for waterproofing problems – these reports are especially useful for legal purposes.

The investigative/forensic process requires adept knowledge on procedures such as flood tests, determining moisture content of the substrate under investigation and other appropriate tests that may be required depending on the nature of the problem.

Mr. Berman has represented clients as an expert witness where disputes relating to water ingress have arisen. The ability to design an appropriate method of repair goes hand in glove with the investigation and diagnosis of each particular problems.

Specifications for repair can be designed and implemented by our qualified staff/employees at JV Waterproofing.

This image shows a stress fracture in the underside on an in-situ concrete slab. The discolouration by way of the dark line along the crack is a visual indication that the crack is saturated with water from a failed waterproofing membrane on the upper surface of this slab. Confirmation of the above is backed up by additional evidence and the aid of a damp meter.

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