Painting of newly plastered walls

Before painting newly plastered walls always make sure that it is at least visibly dry.
The wall should also be clean and free of dust and or dirt (which it should be the case if newly plastered).
IMG_6095 IMG_6100 IMG_6411 IMG_6412
The wall should be primed with an alkali resistant (AR) primer and allowed to cure as per manufacturers recommendations.
Thereafter a suitable filler applied where necessary preferably mixed with a filler mix (particularly on an outside weather exposed wall).
If it is an outside wall (subject to weather), the filled areas should be re-primed with the AR Primer and allow to cure.
Thereafter paint with the paint of choice.
It is important to know what type of plaster is being painted and whether the wall has a cavity, type of exposure and the use of the wall.
For more information on this contact us.
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