Window and door frames

Windows and door reveals can be the cause of severe damp on the inside reveals in habitable rooms and in other areas of the house.
If the windows/doors have been recently changed/upgraded without due regard for reinstating the DPC (damp proof course) on the sides and soffits (tops) of windows and or doors the result could be damp reveals with resultant degradation of paint and plaster work.
 In these cases it is best to strip the plaster on both the inside and outer reveals where applicable and re-plaster using a fully bonded cement based waterproofing render coat. Appropriate sealants should also be applied to all potential crack formations i.e. between materials of different coefficients of expansion and contraction e.g. metal and plaster.
Frames may also suffer damage during renovations and it is reccomended to protect them during renovations, repairs as well as when moving large items of furniture.
Frames also age and need to be serviced to extend their service life.
There are other reasons for damp at reveals. These can be identified and reported on by a specialist. Call J V Waterproofing for further information and or to book a consultation.

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