Why use JV Waterproofing cement based systems over the traditional torched-on membranes?

The fact is, after 14 years, every failed waterproofing system we have come across, has been a torched-on membrane. On the same note, we have yet to encounter a cement based waterproofing system failure.


Weep holes

After someone has explained to you what a cavity wall is, you might realize that this piece of architecture might be causing you problems you were never expecting. 

What you should know about your concrete roofs and slabs

If you have a concrete ceiling and you happen to look up, you may see cracks appearing on the underside of the concrete with the possibility that the concrete looks as if chunks of it may fall off.
This usually comes hand in hand with a brown discolouration, and possibly some white powder forming.
This degradation is called spalling.


I just want to say thank you for a job well done!!!

Your guys are very respectful and I appreciate their attention to detail, also they cleaned up every day before they leave. This was a new experience, no drama, no mistakes.


Gretna Du Toit, Devils Peak

Green Waterproofing systems

One of the great advantages of our cement based waterproofing systems is that it is a Green waterproofing system.

Fish tanks and potable water storage tanks can be lined with our product with no adverse affects or contaminants entering the water or environment.

Damp and leak investigation

The identification of damp and leaks in buildings can be tricky.

Where this identification becomes difficult JV Waterproofing is usually called to site to solve the problem.